Birdman Signs AR-Ab and Compton Menace to Cash Money Read More: Birdman signs AR-Ab and Compton Menace to Cash Money

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Birdman may be in the thick of his own promotion and rollout for his upcoming album Ms. Gladys, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t growing and rebuilding the Cash Money and Rich Gang empires at the same time. In a video posted to Instagram from earlier in the week, Birdman announces in a round about, Birdman-esque way that rappers AR-Ab and Compton Menace are now CMB family.

“Im telling you straight up, my niggga Menace, my nigga AR, y’all got the green light from me,” he says in the above clip. “I’m fuckin with that. West Coast, Philly, let’s get it.” Casual fans may recognize AR-Ab’s name as the Philly rapper who was pulled into the Drake and Meek Mill fray when Drake rapped on “Back to Back,” “I waited four days, nigga, where y’all at?/I drove here in the Wraith playin’ AR-Ab.” Ab then released his own“Back to Back” freestyle taking shots at Meek, but has said more recently that his beef with Meek is over.

AR commemorated the occasion with his own Instagram post, writing, “When Being A Gangsta Pays Off… I Deserve This.” Around the same time as Birdman’s announcement, the Cash Money bossman also posted cover art to an upcoming Rich Gang mixtape. The many incarnations that Rich Gang has taken over the years make it more of a platform for Cash Money signed and affiliated artists, so the possibility of hearing AR-Ab and Compton Menace on a Cash Money project in the near future seems likely.


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